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My work explores the boundaries and aesthetics of Precolumbian art, as well as topics such as the effects of colonialism and the appreciation and reappropiation of Andean cultural artwork and symbolism.

I often look back at the past, a past I haven't experienced but can feel is part of me and my heritage, which allows me to reshape and rethink symbols, colours and meaningful patterns that are present in my long-lost culture. 


I mainly work with Stoneware and techniques such as sgraffito and Inlay, which allow me to produce pictorical work that transmits emotion and a story through its lines. This also allows me to combine my passion for illustrative work which I also develop in other media.

Tales of the Andes
Andean tiles

A collection of decorative tiles I made with different topics, from flowers that are typical of the Atacama desert, the driest in the world that flowers once a year, to a Huaso wearing a traditional chilean attire that is widely used in the countryside.

Decorative pieces

Exploration of shapes, techniques and topics that go back years, look through it like a picture book so you can see the evolution of my work and media. 

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