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Hand-built and hand-decorated ceramic tray depicting three hummingbirds in the front, and a plant in the back. The flower shown in the front was inspired by the Copihue, the national flower of Chile, which is a flower I've always liked, so I thought of incorporating it into my work. On the sides and the back of the ceramic tray, you can see the blue tone of cobalt oxide, used to give more contrast to the piece. 

I had to make this piece two times as the first time it warped and I tried to fix it by adding some pressure in the middle (never do that!!) which ended up breaking the tray into small pieces, it was a shame because it was ready to fire but I learnt my lesson! Looking forward to buying a big kiln so I can make decorative pieces like this again!



Length 44 cm

Width 27 cm

Height 3 cm

Hummingbirds ceramic tray

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