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Serpentine Studios

These projects were made as part of Serpentine studios at the Serpentine gallery, a response to James Barnor's work, which was on display during that time. Read more about the studios here


Short movie made for Serpentine studios, in response to James Barnor's work. Artists are in flux, in constant movement, evolving and changing their strategies to stay on trend or just express themselves better in our ever-changing world.

Cultural garden


These scenes were fully made in Virtual Reality and rendered in Blender, they were inspired by the concept of discovering colour photography, something that James Barnor experienced and constantly used throughout his work. I decided to portray a natural scene full of colour and elements that I consider important and inspiring as well, these being heritage (masks and traditional hats), nature and an ever-growing curiosity for learning new things (represented by the tree with long roots in the middle).

On the other hand, the small flowers represent the artist who is reborn and gets rediscovered during his career, just like James Barnor, who when more than 90 years old, found an audience who finally appreciates his photographs.

For+Ever Young

Poster that I designed for the event that took place in the Serpentine Pavilion. Inspired by the architecture of the space itself and I also incorporated the characteristic typography and style of the Serpentine Gallery. The images of James Barnor were used to give a notion of what was going to be in the event, as it was a response to James' career and work. 


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