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Serpentine Studios

These projects were made as part of Serpentine studios at the Serpentine gallery, a response to James Barnor's work, which was on display during that time. Read more about the studios here

A story of Latin American colonisation

A series of 6 pieces in response to Hervé Télémaque´s exhibition at the Serpentine, ''A Hopscotch of the mind'' where he dialogues with popular culture and his Haitian heritage. Based on this premise, I made 6 sculptures in Virtual reality which were then rendered in Blender Cycles.


The pieces aim to showcase the culture of Latin American People, from portraying Inca and Aztec deities and traditional symbols to the clash of beliefs between cultures during colonisation. Sadly the loss of identity in South America is something still present in our modern society, therefore this work has been based on the thought that American cultures are more than colonialism, they are unique and managed to survive, evolve and merge despite the genocide and violence that happened during this time, making this work a celebration of that survival.

Work displayed at Coal Drops Yard
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