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    Q: Where do you ship to?

    A: Currently I'm only shipping to the UK but if you live in Europe/anywhere in the globe and are interested in buying send me an email and we can arrange shipping to your country!


    Q: Are your ceramics food safe?

    A: Yes! Although my ceramics have a decorative purpose, I only use natural oxides and food-safe transparent glazes

    Q: Do you use moulds for your ceramics?

    A: I mostly make every shape myself, from wheel throwing to coil building, sometimes I will use a hump-mould (for the Hummingbird tray for example) but that also requires me having to knead/roll/smooth and shape the sheet of clay

    Q: Can I buy multiple quantities of the same piece?

    A: Almost all my pieces are bespoke, and if I do reuse the same design it won't be in the same format/shape so you will only be able to buy one unique piece every time. I usually create new designs every season so I advise buying the piece if you really like the design as the chances of seeing it again will be very low. If you are interested in commissioning multiple pieces contact me

    If you have any other questions just send me a message to  

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